Frequently Asked Questions

How reputable is
World Trade Custom Golds?

World Trade Custom Golds is a member in great standing with Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) as well as a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recognized retailer. WTCGolds utilizes GIA graded diamonds and gems. WTCGolds is owned by Gem Specialist and Opulence Connoisseur, Alva Mahaffey Lewis-Johnson, a second-generation jeweler who began working in her father’s jewelry store at the age of thirteen.

How Does World Trade
Custom Golds work?

01. Are you appointment only?

We are able to offer you a personalized service either in-person or online. Whatever your vision is for your custom piece, we can help bring this vision to life. We’ve teamed up with vetted diamond wholesalers and setting manufacturers to bring you the best prices possible. World Trade Custom Golds fulfills the order and handles all the customer service to ensure you have the best shopping experience. We also guarantee that you get exactly what you’ve ordered or your money back (with the exception of our grillz).

02. Do you have colored stones or diamond alternatives listed?

Yes, we have access to colored stones although diamonds are our specialty. We have both natural and lab grown diamonds in the D-K color range listed on our site.

03. Can World Trade Custom Golds help me design a custom piece of jewelry?

Depending on the style, intricacy and accents requested for the setting, we may be able to create a custom design for you. Reach out to a gem specialist in chat to discuss your idea and make an appointment.

04. Do all lab-grown diamonds from World Trade Custom Golds come with a physical grading report?

IGI and GCAL-graded lab-grown diamonds come with a paper copy of the grading report. GIA-graded lab-grown diamonds have a digital copy of the grading report accessible on their report lookup page. If you purchase a GIA-graded lab-grown diamond, it will be laser inscribed on the girdle, and your receipt will show the report number for easy lookup and printing.

05. What is the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural mined diamonds? Can you tell them apart?

Easy answer, mined (natural diamonds) are grown by the Earth over billions of years and lab-grown diamonds are grown by professionals in a machine. Both are chemically and physically identical, with the same optical properties, and it would take a trained professional with expensive, high-tech equipment to tell them apart. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with us if you would like to learn more.

06. What is the quality of the jewelry sold on World Trade Custom Golds?

We take pride in our manufacturing process and stand behind it every step of the way. Our manufacturers work hard to ensure they produce the highest quality jewelry. All of our jewelry is crafted using the highest quality materials and is inspected several times throughout the manufacturing process and before it ships out to you. Our diamonds and gems are GIA grade stones.


We only carry authentic, genuine fine watches and we make sure to inspect all of them for authenticity. If the watch of your dreams isn’t listed, tell us what it is and let us find it for you.

We carry luxury watches at the rarest prices, we carry the most popular styles for true watch lovers. We are excited to offer our customers the most desirable timepieces that are used, pre-owned or never worn. Brand names that are well known all over the world, we hope you find yourself the gift that you’ve always wanted. Make sure to ask if your watch of choice is not listed.


01. What is the turnaround time for a custom or designer grillz?

Whether you’re looking to express yourself with a dazzling dental accessory or simply want to enhance your fashion game, our service ensures you have your new grillz within just eleven days. If you need them sooner than eleven days its just a little extra to have your new grill expedited between five and seven days.

02. What is the process for custom or designer grillz?

This is a by-appointment-only process where I create a mold that is a replica of your teeth. You select the design of your choice ranging from a simple gold enhancement to a diamond smile brighter than the sun. Within eleven days your custom grill is ready for pickup.

04. Are your grillz made in-house?

Our grillz are made by celebrity grills designer, Ceddy the Jeweler. You have never seen the versatility of a gold or diamond grill until you have seen one made by Ceddy the Jeweler. He has created custom pieces for some of your favorite celebrities with a customer base spanning the world. His grillz have been featured in Vogue, on MTV, VH-1, and celebrity red carpets. Now you can visit World Trade Custom Golds, the only other distributor of grillz created by one of the best grillz designers in the world.

05. What is the payment process for Grillz?

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to make an appointment for Grillz. Once you select the design of your choice, full payment is due PRIOR to utilizing the materials to create the replica of your teeth.

Payment, Shipping and Returns

01. What payment methods does World Trade Custom Golds accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash, and bank wire. At this time, we do not offer financing but that could change in the future.

02. Can I pay using multiple different payment methods?

Yes! Our orders team can create a custom invoice for you to split the total amount due among more than 1 payment method. Just click the ‘split payment’ button on the checkout page.

03. Is a deposit required for all custom pieces?

Yes, World Trade Custom Golds requires a deposit for all custom pieces. There is a 30% deposit required for diamond jewelry and 60% deposit required for all grillz. Grillz are made exactly to your specification and cannot resale.

04. Can I expedite my order to receive it sooner than the date given?

Since all settings are handcrafted to fit your specific diamond, turnaround time on orders is typically 2-3 weeks. If you need it sooner than the estimated ship date located on the checkout page please reach out to a gem specialist via chat. We can try to accommodate (depending on the timeframe needed) or even help you find an alternative that may ship sooner.

05. Can I upgrade my World Trade Custom Golds diamond?

Yes, all GIA and IGI diamonds are eligible for a lifetime upgrade program. Contact one of our specialists for more information!

06. What cannot be returned within 30 days?

Any custom design that is not offered as a ‘stock item’ on our website will be considered a final sale. The specialist or custom design specialist you work with on the project will inform you if the piece is considered a ‘final sale’ before checkout.

07. How do I initiate a repair?

In case your jewelry needs a repair, please have your order number, a photo or two of the problem, and a short description of the issue ready and contact us. 

All of our sellers offer one free ring sizing up to 90 days after shipping. Contact one of our specialists to get the resize process started. Be sure to have your order number and the new size you need handy for faster service.

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